The schedule of events will be posted next summer.  To whet your appetite, here's a sampling of what you'll find happening at the Good Vibrations Conference:



Something for every member of the family!  Come play, move, craft, and laugh with family and friends.  Check the funshop page for details of what's planned.

Main Presentations

Main presentations are an hour long and cover a variety of topics sure to inspire your unschooling journey.  For a complete list of presentations go here.  To learn more about the speakers, visit this page.

Roundtable Discussions

These chats are designed to give everyone a chance to participate.  A variety of topics will be discussed so bring your ideas and thoughts and help create a lively conversation.  For a complete list of Roundtable Discussions and to meet their facilitators, go here.

Fairy Godparents

This is a really fun game for everyone!  You give to your godchild and in turn, you receive from your own fairy godparent. 

On Thursday anyone who wants to participate will fill out a card with your name and interests and drop it into our hat. Then Friday morning everyone who put their name in the hat will draw a name to become someone's Fairy Godparent.  Once you've drawn a name, spend the weekend making your fairy godchild feel special- give them a gift or a snack.  Make a sign proclaiming his/her wonderfulness and post it for all to see.  Get a group together to target your new friend for an evening serenade or a hug-fest.  But do it all in a way that keeps your identity a secret!  Keep them guessing!  At the end of the conference, you can choose to reveal yourself or let your identity remain a mystery for all of time. 

All ages are welcome to participate and younger godparents may need assistance fulfilling their duty.  If you draw a name, please be sure to participate so no one is left out of the game.


The Secret Society of Unschooling Dads will be convening again for a no-holds barred meeting.  Only menfolk are granted access for uninhibited discussion of questions, concerns and jubiliations that belong uniquely to the XY persuasion on the unschooling journey.  Cool conversation, new ideas and friendships are sure to result from this special session.

Dad's Panel

Have a question for the dads among us?  Join a panel of unschooling dads in a Q&A session.  Discover their challenges and their inspirations as they answer your questions and give us a glimpse into their unique perspective on the unschooling lifestyle. 

Silent Auction and Handcrafted Collection

Have a passion or want a new one? Check out our silent auction and fine a special something that calls to you.  We'll have a variety of baskets chock full of items centered around a theme for your bidding pleasure.  Keep checking in to watch the bids go up and do what you can to ensure your passion goes home with you.  We'll also have a table offering your donated handcrafted gifts for sale at a Buy It Now price.  For more details or to donate, see the FAQ page.  All proceeds will benefit a local children's shelter.

Untrepreneurial Artisian Bazaar

Who loves items made by unschoolers?  Everybody!  We'll have an area for you to display your handmade goodness and earn a little cash.  Bring your knitted socks, cards, soap, embrodiered pillows, jewelry, artwork and whatever else you create and participate in the bazaar during the family fair.  The rest of us can bring some money to support our unschooling untrepreneurs and take home a special souvenier to re-ignite all those good vibrations!

Talent Show

Have a talent you want to share?  We'd love to see it.  For one night a wildly encouraging audience will be entertained by a legion of unschoolers.  Singing, dancing, poetry, music-making, hula-hooping, magic, standing on your head- whatever you can do, show it off!  We welcome all talents and all levels for a fun night of community and camraderie.  If you want to participate, please limit your act to three minutes to ensure the show moves along and everyone gets their time in the spotlight.  We'll have a sign-up sheet at registration and the days prior to the talent show so you can sign up.

Gaming Room

If gaming is your thing, we've got a room just for you.  Bring your equipment, board and card games and set up for a couple of days of intense play with your friends.


Other Special Events 

Check out our Special Events page for more entertainment.


More to be added as events are confirmed.