Let the creative juices flow! Jump into a funshop and learn something new or simply enjoy the time to relax with friends. All are welcome and younger hands may need assistance at times. Materials are provided unless noted otherwise. You are always invited to bring some to share, too.

 Click here if you want to host your very own funshop.  Here's what's planned and more will be added soon:

At Knit's End        Blogging 101       Breathing       Chess       Geek-A-Palooza   

 HSM Dance Party     International Candy Tasting       LEGO Lunatics       Monster Mania             

Motel of Mystery          SpongeBob Squarepants Spectacular!         Storytime   

Team Twilight        Webkinz Fanclub 


Webkinz Fanclub   with Violet Sicard

Let's play with our Webkinz plushies and together online!  I'll show you how to play Webkinz.  All you need is a Webkinz and a laptop.

Provided:  Fun times!

Please bring: Your Webkinz plushie, a laptop, and don't forget your password!  ***Webkinz can be found at most Hallmark stores and I heard recently at Costco.  Large ones run $14, small ones $11 and you can occassionally get them on sale for around $6.  You need a password (which is obtained when you purchase the Webkinz) to access the Webkinz website.

Who am I?   I'm Violet.  I'm 9 and live in San Diego.  I have great style!  LOL!  I love Webkinz, Pokemon, having fun with my friends. 


  At Knit's End   with Ginger Sabo 

At Knit's End is a knitting locale for any and all.  Bring your own supplies and come knit with friends, old and new.  This will be ongoing throughout the weekend.  Just look for the knitters and join the fun!

Provided:  Friendship and a relaxing, fun atmosphere.

Please bring: Yarn, needles and a sense of humor. 

Who am I?  I am the peaceful Mama to Kai and Kade and a soul-mate to Jeff.  I seem to be on a slower path to discovering all there is to discover and explore in the world...taking time to truly enjoy our children and our surroundings.  You can usually find me watching our kids, knitting, reading or joining in a great  game or two.



Team Twilight   with Hazel Donovan (Cullen)

 Twilighter, Twi-Hard, Twiholic, Fanpire?  Does Edward dazzle you, or do you wish Jacob would hurry up and imprint on you?  Come and congregate with other Twilight saga addicts and discuss everything about the Twilight book series.  Talk to someone who has traveled to Forks-WA, met Stephenie Meyer twice, seen the movie over 6 times, and been named "Twilight's Ultimate Fan" by multiple websites.

Provided:  Photos and items from Forks, La Push, and Port Angeles will be viewable.  Trivia contests and other games will be in full swing.  Twilight merchandise and souvenirs to be won!

Please bring:  Feel free to wear any Twilight gear/clothing you own.  Please come knowing that if you have NOT read all four books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn), that there will be spoilers!

 Who am I?  I am a 16 yo girl who has never spent one day in school.  I have a passion for becoming fluent in American Sign Language.  My days are filled with reading, writing, photography, contortion, singing (badly), listening to Ingrid Michaelson, watching vintage/old movies, and trying to teach myself the piano. 

I live in San Diego, but I want to live in Oregon.  I hope to attend college, major in Sign Language, and become an interpreter for the deaf community.  My dream is to have a Siberian Husky named Da Vinci, and an orange Tabby named Leo.  All while living in a house by the sea in Oregon.


 Blogging 101   with Mandy Sicard

Already enjoy blogging? Want to, but don't know how to start? Come join us as we match the blog to the blogger's face, share blogger tips, discuss linking, html, security, adding photos, stories, and anything else that is blog related. 

Provided:  Some seasoned bloggers, some blogger links, tip/fact sheets

Please bring:   Laptop, ideas about your own blog whether new or existing, memory cards if you'd like to upload photos, or you can link from existing flickr or other photo sharing sites. Experienced bloggers on any platform encouraged to come and share their experiences. 

 Who Am I?  Mandy, from San Diego, mom to two fantastic unschooler girls Violet and Olivia and wife to Dan. Been enjoying reading other's blogs and writing my own family blog and photo blog for about 3 years. Love connecting with bloggers I've met virtually and looking forward to meeting them in real life. Come join the fun!


 International Candy Tasting   with Gardenia Gomez

Let's excite our taste buds with candy from around the world!

Provided:  Candy from Mexico

Please bring:   Candy from anywhere around the world. 

Who Am I?  I am Gardenia, mom to Cameron and Ella and wife to Jim. I was born in Mexico and have lived in San Diego, CA. since I was 2 years old. I enjoy food, nature, learning about other cultures, and playing with family and friends.  


 HSM Dance Party   with Charis Hagen

This is a fun time to dance with Troy and Gabriella and all the cast of High School Musical 1, 2 and 3. If you love those movies or just love to dance (or just love Troy) this is the place to be.

Provided: Music and good times!!

Please bring:   Your dancing feet! 

Who Am I?  I like HSM a lot because I like all the songs. And lots of my friends like it too. I am 8 years old and I have 2 brothers, a mom and a dad. We live in Leucadia, CA close to the beach. 




 Geek-A-Palooza   with Erika B. Perkins

Come Geek out with us at the Geek-A-Palooza at the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference.

I want to keep this fun-shop very loose and organic; a place to bring your comic books and related items and hang out talking about them.

This funshop can go where "no one has gone before," just like a Comic Book or even the Enterprise, but some ideas to start with could be comics adapted to movies such as Iron Man, Watchmen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Casper, you name it - we'll talk about it!  Let's also go all fan-boy/fan-girl on the actors chosen to play seminal/beloved characters such as Wolverine, Ghost Rider and Catwoman among others.  Have you ever been to a Comic-Con? Or other anime or science fiction/fantasy con? Come tell us about it!  Do you like mainstream comics? Independent presses? Both? Do you write your own Comics? Do you detest the stereotype of who knows/reads comics or do you revel in it?  May the Force Be With Us!!! Let's break down the stereotypes - this is intended for everyone!

Provided and  Please bring:  I will bring props, toys/action figures and comics to share and I would love for you all to do the same!

Who am I?  Erika will be presenting "The Mission:  Have Fun.  The Prime Directive:  Harm None" at the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference.  Erika lives in sunny San Diego, California with her extraordinary and ever inquisitive unschooled sons Zackary and Zayden and her husband and partner of 23 years Robert. They also live with five extremely cool cats (Erika is rehearsing for her role of Crazy Cat Lady) and a couple of Pegasus.  You can read more about Erika on the Presenters Page.


 Storytime    with Rain Fordyce 

Snuggle up with your favorite blanket and pillow and listen as author Rain Fordyce reads her special children's book, I am Learning All The Time.  Written by an unschooling mom for children everywhere, this tale follows the characters as they navigate their unschooled lives.  

Provided:  a great story

Please bring:  any books you'd like to share


Who Am I?  Rain will be presenting The Peace Treaty at the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference.  She loves living up in the north-northwest with her 3 amazing (and very cute) male roommates. Two are temporary, while they grow bigger every day and one is already pretty big and staying for a much longer term. While learning and growing together, Rain has written this children’s book.  Read more about Rain on the Presenters Page



Monster Mania    with ZackMan2000

This Monster Mania Fun Shop will be a lot of scary, creepy fun!  I want to talk about Monsters that live under your bed and smell like grape jello, desserts or rotten cheese. Or Monsters that live in the daytime, peeking out from under a dumpster...oh, you thought that was a stray cat?  And don't forget about the best Monster of all, in my opinion, Giant Monsters, Monsters from Tokyo, Monsters who Battle from Mount Fuji.  You know him, he's green and radioactive, he's Godzilla!!!!!!!  P.S.  If you don't know him, he's a big lizard who breathes atomic fire, come to my funshop and let's play with him! 

Provided:  A book to share some good monster facts and funny trivia like the fact that Monsters hate nightlights, especially the ones with smiley faces or unicorns.  Did you know that nightlights with combinations of smiley faces, rainbows and unicorns are considered cruelty to monsters?  Now you do.  Loads of Godzilla action figures to show you what he and his enemies look like, Loads of Ultraman Monster action figures, too. 

Please bring:  Loads of your favorite action figures to play with- if you don't have just one favorite, bring them all! LOL  Bring your fave Monster book, too, don't have one? Get One! 

Who Am I?  Zackary and I am into all things that have Giant Monsters and I am also into Legendary Pokemon, Genetic Engineering (to make Monsters!), Books, Comic Books, and I am also into the Future and Aliens.  I love being with my Mom, Dad and little brother and playing Monster Battles with them and my friends.  I also like sleeping with my cats and petting them and loving them.


 Chess  with Kimberlie King-Patraw

This funshop will give an oppportunity  to play chess with some new people and have some new challenges.  The kids can come in and play a game and leave if they wish.  I entertain both experienced and non-experienced players, sort of facilitate in a round robin way.  If there is enough interested children I would run a couple of 10 to 15 min sessions inside the funshop to teach a new opening, or tactic, or how to move the piece for the newest players.  Exercises are given at the pace the child can handle and parents are encouraged to learn how to play along with their child. I will use the United States Chess Federation Rules.   Depending on the level of players that are interested, I can run a tournament, or introduce blitz chess, and bughouse.

Provided:  chess boards and pieces, clocks

Please bring: your minds for some stretching :)

Who am I? I have helped children to play chess for 15 years, taking two separate teams to the state final where we took 1st place. My four older children formed a chess team--Clover Valley Homeschool Team and won the State Team championship of Nevada in 2005. My oldest son was the highest rated player under 18 in Nevada for five years, and the Nevada Scholastic State Champion in 2004 and 2005. My daughter was the Nevada Scholastic Female State Champion in 2005 and 2006. Other children in my family hold other State titles for their grade level. I am Senior Level National Tournament Director for United States Chess Federation. We are all rated players. We all love chess. :)
Only my youngest children will be able to attend; the older four children are now attending college in Reno. They are doing well and have all been mostly unschooled. (Thank you Sandra Dodd.) I have been homeschooling since 1993. 


LEGO Lunatics  with Zebby Hoskin-Wagner

Kids of all ages can come together to discuss, build or play LEGOs of any kind.  We can share our favorite LEGOs, what we love about them and what we wish to do with them.  We can discuss how long we've been collecting, which sets we'd like to add to our collection and the stories we've created with them or the things we've built.

Provided:  Some LEGOs to share and a fun time!

Please bring:  Favorite LEGOs or photos of favorite LEGOs, and anything else LEGO related to share.

Who Am I?  Zebby is a 9 year old radical unschooler living in Las Vegas, NV.  He is passionate about all things LEGO, especially LEGO Star Wars and is working on stop motion videos with his LEGO sets.  He also loves Yu-Gi-Oh, playing the Wii, hiking, Animorphs books and playing with friends.


Breathing with Sandra Dodd

For years I've been saying "Breathe" or "Tell your kids to breathe!"  For those who wondered what I was talking about, I will demonstrate how to go from anger and frustration to calm and smiling.

Who Am I?  Sandra Dodd has been breathing various ways for 57 years and has helped other people calm down using no more than the body they already had.



 Motel of Mystery with Zayden and Mama

Do you like archeology, mysteries and fun!? Then grab your bar of hotel soap (or is it really a sacred tablet with the words DoubleTree engraved into it?), a Do Not Disturb Sign (or perhaps it was meant as a warning not to disturb the tomb?), but do leave the bathroom seat (ceremonial necklace) attached and come attend this fun and informative homage to David Macaulay's Motel of the Mysteries a super spoof about the good clean, dirty fun of archaeologists. Let's do our own discovery, "excavation" and characterizations of the "artifacts" we find within our DoubleTree Hotel rooms.

We'll start by reading "Motel of the Mysteries" and then sharing our "artifacts" and creating wonderful back stories for all of them! If you want to read the book before hand to get some ideas of what this might be like, then by all means please do so!  http://www.amazon.com/Motel-Mysteries-David-Macaulay/dp/0395284252  So bring your imagination and your hotel key!

Provided:  We'll bring our copy of "Motel of the Mysteries" to read to everyone!

Please bring:  You bring your hotel "artifacts" and imagination and your own copy of "Motel of the Mysteries" if you wish.

Who am I?  I am Zayden and I love my Mom, Dad and Brother and ALL of our cats! I also reading Books, Comic Books and listening to books on CD with my family. I am also into Ben10, Pokemon, Cats, Space and of course Aliens (I love the movies WALL-E and Monsters vs, Aliens). The best thing is cuddling with my family in our big bed or maybe going to the Space Museum with my Mom and Brother.


 SpongeBob Squarepants Spectacular! with Emma

Do you love SpongeBob Squarepants? Do you want to sing the Campfire Song Song? Do you love Jellyfishing? Are you F-U-N? Come celebrate all things SpongeBob with us! Watch episodes, make a craft, answer trivia, sing the songs and explore the trading cards.

Provided:  We will provide the videos, songs, craft supplies, trivia questions, Krabby Patties and trading cards.

Please Bring:  Bring your sense of adventure and a clean pair of underwear (optional).

Who Am I?  I am 9 years old and live in New Mexico. I love fashion, cetaceans, skateboarding and everything else in the world. I was introduced to SpongeBob at an unschooling conference when I was 5 years old, then I began watching the show and I liked it so much that now I want to share it with you.


 If you are interested in hosting a funshop, see below to complete the submission form.