How do I register?

What does this conference cost?

What does the registration fee cover?

Can I register for just one day?

Can I add days to my hotel stay?

Are kids welcome?

What is the schedule of events?

What is the Silent Auction and Handcrafted Collection?

Are there conference T shirts?

Can I be in the conference directory?

Do you need volunteers?

Is there a yahoo group for this conference?

Is there a blog ring?

Is there information on the San Diego area?

How do I contact you?


How do I register?

You can order everything you need here on our website in the store by clicking the STORE button on the right side of any page or clicking any Register Now image.  All orders will be re-directed to PayPal where you can pay securely with your credit card or PayPal account.   After purchasing registration you will need to complete a form with the information for your badges.  PayPal will redirect you to that form upon payment.  Registration is not official until this form has been completed.  It only needs to be done once (although you will be re-directed to that form each time you place an order any item in the store).  Payment + Badge Form= Registration.

What does this conference cost?

The Registration Page has pricing information.  The costs of other products are displayed next to their item name in the store


What does the registration fee cover?

Access to all four days of the conference including all speakers, discussions, funshops, special events, a conference bag and handbook. 


Can I register for just one day?

Our pricing is tiered for the entire four days. You may stay for as many days as you like for the full registration cost.


Can I add extra days to my hotel stay?

Yes! The hotel will honor our group discount for the days of Sept 7-15 if rooms are available. You can add a Sept 9 check-in and/or a Sept 14 check-out when you make your reservation through our personalized webpage or calling the hotel at 858-481-5900 and using our group name (Good Vibrations Conference). 

For additional dates, please contact me at and I can direct you to my contact at the hotel who will assist you. To get our group rate, you MUST follow this procedure and I recommend booking early as it is based on availability only.


Are kids welcome?

Absolutely, they are why we’re here! 

We are not age segregated.  This event is for families and children fully participate at their own level of comfort. We’ll have cool funshops, a gaming room and special events designed to include everyone.   The hotel has a big pool and a separate wading pool for little ones. The kids bring much energy and fun to unschooling conferences! 


What is the schedule of events?

We’re putting together lots of pieces to make this conference fun for everyone. The final schedule will be posted closer to the event. As events are confirmed, they will be added to the website.  


What is the Silent Auction and Handcrafted Collection?

Everyone is invited to participate in the Silent Auction and Handcrafted Collection.  All proceeds from these events will be donated to a local children's shelter.  We need your donations to make this work!  All items can be mailed to us ahead of time or you can bring them to the conference with you and donate at the registration table.  Contact Gardenia Gomez at if you have specific questions on this event.  Here's what we do:

Handcrafted Collection:

Create something special and donate it to our Handcrafted Collection.  These items will be given a Buy It Now price and displayed for sale during the Family Fair.  Knit a scarf, create a set of greeting cards, string a sparkling necklace and matching earrings- let your creative juices flow!  It's so fun to take home something made with the hands of fellow unschoolers.

Passion Baskets for Silent Auction:

Passion baskets are theme-based goodies that make up our Silent Auction.  Let your imagination run wild and create a basket that someone will be passionate about!  For example:

For the gardener: Grab a sunhat and fill it with seed packets, gloves, a trowel and books on gardening.

For the peacenik:  Create a Fair Trade Theme featuring a woven basket filled with coffee, chocolates and a felted purse and world-beat CD.

For the artist in us all:  an art box filled with paintbrushes, watercolors, paper, glue and embellishments.

Throughout the auction, you can write down your bids (and raise them if you are outbid!) and hope to win the basket of your choice.


Are there conference T Shirts?

Yes! They’ll be perfect to wear during the conference and after to remind you of all the good times you had. Made of 100% Cotton, they will have a graphic on the front. (We’ll post that graphic when it’s available.) Sizes run from Child XS-XL and Adult XS-XXL. They will be available for purchase in our shop by clicking on the registration tab at the top of the page and navigating over to our store.

The deadline to order T Shirts is August 1. No orders will be accepted after that time.  


Can I be in the conference directory?


The Conference Directory is a great way to put faces to names and to hear a bit about each family. If you are attending the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference in 2009 please send as little or as much info as you would like to Ginger Sabo at

 The directory will be available on disc.

 Here are some ideas of things you might want to include:

-         Photo of your family.  You can send these either via post service or email.  The fastest way I have found is via Picasa2, a free service.

-         Your names.  There will be a reference file that will allow you to sort by last name, first name, state or city.  This way you can find your fairy god child and/or find friends to stay with on your travels.

-         Year of birth for your children.

-         Email address and screen name.

-         Mailing Address

-         Phone #

-         Are you willing to host traveling unschoolers?

-         Do you have a blog? Myspace? If so, how can we find you?

-         Include an unschooling story if you wish.

This is your family's page so add what you would like! Here's a sample page.

 If you would like to purchase a disc you may do so in the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference store.  The deadline is August 15th, 2009.

 I may need to edit people's info for space, but I will let you know if I need to change anything you have sent.

 If you have any questions you can email me off list.



Soul mate to Jeff, mama to Annie (19), Kai (10) and Kade (8)

805 Kalpati Circle, #230
Carlsbad, CA  92008

Do you need volunteers?

Sure!  If you are interested in helping out, fill out this volunteer form.  We'll let you know where we need you.  If you have a question, please email Volunteer Coordinator Kate Hagen at  Thank you!


Is there a yahoo group that I can join?

There sure is! You can find current details, share ideas, arrange transportation, discuss plans and get excited over at: 


Is there a blog ring for this conference?

Yes!  If you have a  blog, join our blog ring.  We can browse our blog collection to get to know each other before the conference.  How fun it'll be to match up people we know online with faces and voices in real time.    Join here.


Is there information on the San Diego area?

San Diego is a wonderful place to visit. We’ve compiled some of our favorite places including a guide to services, attractions and parks near to the hotel. It is listed on the yahoo group in the links section. 


How do I contact you?

I’d love to chat!   Please email Flo at